Unwrapped By Her Italian Boss

Unwrapped By Her Italian Boss

Michelle Smart

Pub date
Mills & Boon
Demy 135x204mm
288 pages
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Book Overview

The blizzard outside…
…is no match for the storm inside!

Innocent Meredith Ingles is mortified when she knocks her temporary boss off his feet with a Christmas tree! Giovanni Cannavaro is trusting her to make his opulent train’s maiden voyage a roaring success. But resisting the man himself is a challenge all its own!

Working alongside Merry makes Giovanni feel alive, but he knows that acting on their combustible chemistry could burn them both. Following the loss of his first love, he’s sworn he won’t risk pain like that again. But could Merry be the gift he didn’t know he needed…?

About the author

Michelle Smart is a Publishers Weekly bestselling author with a slight-to-severe coffee addiction. A book worm since birth, Michelle can usually be found hiding behind a paperback, or if it’s an author she really loves, a hardback.Michelle lives in rural Northamptonshire in England with her husband and two young Smarties. When not reading or pretending to do the housework she loves nothing more than creating worlds of her own. Preferably with lots of coffee on tap.www.michelle-smart.com.