Weird Is Beautiful

Weird Is Beautiful

Liz Marvin

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Demy 134x181mm
128 pages
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Book Overview

Think like you’ve got nine brains, feel like you’ve got three hearts, and hug as though you have eight arms.

Wisdom begins in wonder: and there is no creature so weird and wonderful as the octopus. Wise, compassionate, strong yet adaptable – and with Houdini-like vanishing tricks – octopuses are the most fascinating creatures on the planet. They provide a masterclass in self-care and there is so much we can learn from them. With the help of Weird Is Beautiful you will discover:

  • When to be strong, and when to be flexible
  • How to sift through the flotsam and jetsam of your life to find the pearls you should cling to
  • How camouflage can be self-care, but when you should let your true colours shine!
  • How to multi-task, even when you don’t have eight arms
  • When to allow the currents of the ocean to sweep you along, and when to stick your tentacles to the rocks and resist
  • How to live wild, weird and free

Who said life above water can’t sparkle?

About the author

Liz Marvin is an author and editor, who lives by the sea. She has written books about astrology, gardening and trees, but this is her first book about octopuses.