Sean Fay Wolfe: Unofficial Minecraft and the Quest for Justice

Unofficial Minecraft comes to Dubai! Do you know what Unofficial Minecraft is? Do your children play it and would you like to know more? Let Sean Fay Wolfe explain how his book was inspired by his fascination with the online game and the issues this posed. Alongside this, Sean will explore the structure of story-writing … Continued

Writing Women with Freya North and Annabel Kantaria

Four women who write very different books come together to discuss the common thread in their books – authentic female protagonists, backed up by equally richly drawn supporting casts. In a literary world that does not always respect women’s experiences or achievements, find out how today’s panelists find success through writing women. Authors: Ann Cleeves, … Continued

And Now the Hard Part: Getting Your Book into Print

Writing the book is just the beginning of the journey to literary stardom – and, however good the writer, getting published is another thing entirely. So how do you find an agent and publisher who can turn your manuscript into the bestseller in the window of every bookshop? Literary Agent Jonathan Lloyd and Publisher Selina … Continued

Is There a Right Way to Write? Masterclass with Freya North

You have an idea, but how do you turn that into a novel? Freya North is here to help, with advice on how to find a writing strategy that suits you. In this masterclass, Freya will teach and advise on a wide range of writing issues, from bringing your setting to life to overcoming writers’ … Continued

Mirror or Escape? Domestic Drama in Contemporary Fiction: Author talk with Freya North

Freya North, author of fourteen bestselling novels, has been praised for the emotional power and honesty of her books as well as their sharp twists, vivid settings and all-too-human characters. In this session she will talk about the surprisingly fine line authors walk when choosing between offering readers realism or escapism. Is “happily ever after” always … Continued

Breaking Bard with Holly Smale

The works of William Shakespeare have shaped the English language and the culture of English-speaking countries, and even in translation his plays are well-known around the world. On the 400th anniversary of Shakepeare’s death, our panel will discuss this influence on their own work and lives. Authors: Holly Smale, Ben Crystal, Matt Haig and Marcia … Continued