An incredible, beautifully produced new book trailer is available for Justin Fisher’s rip-roaring, page-turning new magical adventure Ned’s Circus of Marvels, perfect for fans of House of Secrets.

About Ned’s Circus of Marvels

Ned Waddlesworth is about to discover that, without him, our world will be engulfed in magical beasts and beings – the good and the bad! With the help of a robot mouse and a flying circus peopled by a bloodthirsty genie, a giant talking ape and an elf-inventor, it’s up to Ned to do battle with a deadly pirate-magician, save magic, his dad and the worlds, all in one week! From exciting debut author, Justin Fisher, comes this rip-roaring, page-turning new magical adventure. Perfect for fans of House of Secrets.

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Watch trailer

You can watch the amazing new book trailer here. If you would like a hi-res file, please email