Oxford, 1836.

The city of dreaming spires.

It is the centre of all knowledge and progress in the world.

And at its centre is Babel, the Royal Institute of Translation. The tower from which all the power of the Empire flows.

Orphaned in Canton and brought to England by a mysterious guardian, Babel seemed like paradise to Robin Swift.

Until it became a prison…

But can a student stand against an empire?

An incendiary new novel from award-winning author R.F. Kuang about the power of language, the violence of colonialism, and the sacrifices of resistance.


Babel is one of our most anticipated releases from HarperVoyager in 2022. Coming September 1, R.F. Kuang’s new novel has already had a fantastic, fanatic reception from readers of The Poppy War.


Babel is already making headway on Tiktok, with over 3 million views for the hashtag #EnterBabel and almost 700,000 for #BabelRFKuang. The dark academia fantasy is taking Booktok by storm and we can’t see that changing anytime soon! In fact, we’ve even added Babel to our Tiktok order form.


We’ve had some great quotes come in from early readers of Babel. Here are some of our favourites:





















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