A story of loneliness, love and loose connections, Set My Heart to Five is a hilarious, touching, dazzlingly perceptive debut novel, and a profound exploration of what it truly means to be human. The author, Simon Stephenson, has written a humorous film quiz (film being a recurrent theme in the novel) in the voice of main character Jared. You can download the quiz as either a PDF for events, or as social media graphics (to hold the quiz virtually).

To download the quiz as a PDF, click on the link below:

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10/10 Jared does not have friends.

Because friends are a function of feelings.
Therefore friends are just one more human obligation that Jared never has to worry about.

But Jared is worrying. Which is worrying. He’s also started watching old films. And inexplicably crying in them. And even his Feelings Wheel (given to him by Dr Glundenstein, who definitely is not a friend) cannot guide him through the emotional minefield he now finds himself in.

Soon his feelings will send him fleeing across the country, pursued by a man who wants to destroy him and driven by an illogical desire to share pathogens with the woman who bamboozles him the most.

And Jared cannot!

Because feelings will ruin your life, especially if you aren’t supposed to have them…