A series of beautifully produced video trailers for the forthcoming Fortnum & Mason Cook Book by Tom Parker Bowles are now available to download.

About the Fortnum & Mason Cookbook

It’s a national icon, a British institution, the finest grocer of them all. Fortnum & Mason is a store that has fuelled the tide of British history, fed the appetites of kings and queens, maharajahs and czars, emperors, dukes and divas alike

Fortnum & Mason is a constantly evolving, hugely successful modern enterprise, one that respects its magnificent history while looking forward into the 21st century. The first Fortnum & Mason’s Cook Book will do the same, appealing to the modern reader and cook, whilst never forgetting the past.

A contemporary, accessible recipe book that combines superb recipes and expert advice on ingredients, the Fortnum & Mason’s Cook Book will shine a light on the history of the best British cuisine, with delicious, contemporary Modern British dishes.

Download trailers

You can download the amazing new book trailers here. If you have any questions, please email Jamie@HarperReach.com.