Activity packs for The Indian in the Cupboard are now available to download.

Perfect for teachers, parents or bookstore events, our new Indian in the Cupboard activity sheets contain a range of puzzles, quizzes and activities inspired by Lynne Reid Banks’ classic novel, now re-issued in the Collins Modern Classics series.

Download Activity Guides

Click on the links to download the files, or email to find out how to order printed versions.

  • 1. Thank You Letter: Imagine you are Omri. Write a letter to Patrick to thank him for the birthday present.

  • 2. Design a Mini-Home: Design your own mini- home and landscape that either Little Bull or Boone could live in.

  • 3. To Tell or Not to Tell: Think about the reasons why Omri should show the Indian to Patrick, and the reasons he shouldn’t. List your reasons they try to come up with a conclusion by giving advice to Omri.

  • 4. In the News: Pretend that Omri’s parents have found out about Boone and Little Bull – and now the story is on the front page of every newspaper! Use your imagination as well as information from the story to create a newspaper article about the amazing discovery of the little people. 

  • 5. Indian in the Cupboard Crossword

  • 6. Teaching Guide