Thursday 3rd March 2022 is World Book Day. The theme this year is…

You Are A Reader

World Book Day is an annual celebration of reading and the joys it brings us.

This year, our featured book is Jemima The Pig and the 127 Acorns by Michael Morpurgo.

Jemima The Pig

When a young boy goes from the city to stay on the farm, he discovers a world he never knew existed – a world of vegetable gardens, ducks and geese, where the sheep graze in the fields, where apples and pears grow in the orchard.

He also meets Jemima the pig: she smells and she slobbers, she breaks out of her pen to steal potatoes, and she’s the undisputed queen of the farm. Soon, he’s hiding acorns in his pockets to feed to her every time he sees her. But then, Jemima starts to feel ill. Could she have eaten too many acorns? Or does this queen of a pig have a secret…?

The first of many Farm Tales to come, Jemima The Pig is a window onto the countryside, and the way its landscape and animals can leave an impression on a child’s heart forever.

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