Kelly-Clarkson-iconHarperCollins are publishing River Rose and the Magical Lullaby, a debut picture book from American Idol winner and Grammy Award-winning recording artist, Kelly Clarkson. Illustrated by the Kate Greenaway Medal nominated Laura Hughes.

River Rose is going to the zoo tomorrow! The only problem is she’s FAR too excited to go to sleep. That is, until her mummy comes and sings her a special lullaby and she drifts off on a magical adventure.

The perfect bedtime story, featuring an original lullaby written and performed by Grammy Award-winner, Kelly Clarkson, for you to download.

About the authors

Kelly Clarkson is a Grammy award winning musician who hit the main stage as the first ever American Idol. Fourteen years, several awards, and multiple platinum hits later, Kelly is still making great music. She lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and daughter, River Rose

Originally from Bath, Laura Hughes now lives in East London with her cat. She studied illustration at Kingston University and graduated in 2005. Her favourite things include penguins wearing jumpers, badgers on bikes and tea drinking bears. She’s especially fond of knitting, rainbow shoes and eating ice cream.