New York Movies

New York has always been one of the world’s most filmed cities, with its apartments housing movies like Rear Window and Rosemary’s Baby, its skyscrapers scaled by the likes of King Kong and Charlie Chaplin and its rubble strewn streets prowled by everyone from Travis Bickle to Carrie Bradshaw. In this illustrated pocket guide to … Continued

Vampire Movies

When F. W. Murnau brought Nosferatu to the screen in 1922 he ushered in the bloody reign of cinema’s most venerable villain – the vampire. Nocturnal, fanged and insatiable for human blood, the vampire has infected the public consciousness like no other movie monster. In this illustrated pocket guide, Charles Bramesco goes vampire hunting across … Continued

Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson has quickly become one of the auteurs of modern American cinema, creating his own distinctive cinematic world with pastel colour palettes, meticulous set design, nostalgic soundtracks and a kooky troupe of actors. In this illustrated pocket guide Sophie Monks Kaufman navigates his off-kilter world, strolling across the quadrangles of Rushmore Academy, diving beneath … Continued