Women in the Middle Ages

In this ambitious work of Medieval scholarship, bestselling historians Frances and Joseph Gies trace the stories and fates of women in Medieval Europe over the course of a millennium. The first section of the book provides a broad survey of how the lives of women—rich and poor, residing in small towns, or practicing subsistence farming—evolved … Continued

A Medieval Family

The Pastons were members of the English gentry—a tiny group of roughly 1,000 households sandwiched between the ruling nobility and the peasants, and a rough analog for the contemporary “middle class.” Their existence was fairly typical, but for the fact that it was recorded in an extraordinary collection of nearly 1,000 letters which have survived … Continued

Life in a Medieval City

Evoking every aspect of city life in the Middle Ages, Life in a Medieval City depicts in detail what it was like to live in a prosperous city of Northwest Europe in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The year is 1250 CE and the city is Troyes, capital of the county of Champagne and site … Continued

Life in a Medieval Village

Life in a Medieval Village is Joseph and Frances Gies’s classic account of rural medieval life. Relying upon both archaeological discoveries and surviving documents of the period, the Gieses paint a vivid picture of how villagers actually lived. Focusing upon the English village of Elton in the year 1300, they take the reader through every … Continued

Life in a Medieval Castle

“Castles are crumbly and romantic. They still hint at an age more colorful and gallant than our own, but are often debunked by boring people who like to run on about drafts and grumble that the latrines did not work. Joseph and Frances Gies offer a book that helps set the record straight—and keeps the … Continued