Nathalia Buttface and the Embarrassing Camp Catastrophe

Nat’s class is going on a week-long field trip to hunt for fossils. Cue mouldy log cabins, potholing, map reading and other totally boring geography-related stuff – all the things that Nat hates… and Dad loves! Of course he volunteers to come along with the class as a parent helper. Normally Nat would strictly forbid … Continued

Nathalia Buttface and the Totally Embarrassing Bridesmaid Disaster

Nathalia’s back and this time she has to attend 2 disastrous weddings. Think missing grooms, guest lists from hell, unappetising cakes and a HIDEOUS frilly pink bridesmaid dress! Throw the world’s most embarrassing dad into the mix and surely things can’t get any worse? Don’t bet on it!

Nathalia Buttface and the Most Embarrassing Five Minutes of Fame Ever

When Dad posts an embarrassing video of Nat online as a joke, she’s furious. Things are set to get much worse, however, when the video goes viral and she finds herself centre of the nation’s attention for all the wrong reasons – even the prime minister is imitating her! But when a local care home … Continued

Nathalia Buttface and the Most Embarrassing Dad in the World

The Most Embarrassing Dad in the World was embarrassing Nathalia even before she was born. He went and married Mum, didn’t he? Mum’s last name was De Montfort. Thanks to Dad she wasn’t Nathalia De Montfort. She was Nathalia Bumole. “It’s pronounced Bew-mow–lay,” Dad would tell her patiently, time and again. “If anyone says differently, … Continued