The Darkening King

The Armstrongs are both predator and prey, hunting for clues to help them fight the Darkening-King, while constantly watching their backs. This time it’s not just the world of the Hidden searching for them: the Josser world is intent on capturing the family too. Leading the search is the curious Mr Fox and his agents … Continued

The Gold Thief

Ned and his family are trying to be ordinary except for the small fact that they AREN’T. AT ALL. Because on the run up to Christmas everything is ruined when all the world’s gold goes missing, along with its leading scientists. Which doesn’t really have anything to do with Ned… until it does. When an … Continued

Ned’s Circus of Marvels

Ned Waddlesworth is about to discover that, without him, our world will be engulfed in magical beasts and beings – the good and the bad! With the help of a robot mouse and a flying circus peopled by a bloodthirsty genie, a giant talking ape and an elf-inventor, it’s up to Ned to do battle … Continued