Busting the Ripper: Bruce Robinson on ‘They All Love Jack’

A book like no other, They All Love Jack is the tale of a gripping quest to discover the identity of history’s most notorious murderer, Jack the Ripper. Here the author, the legendary writer and director Bruce Robinson, discusses his book. the Ripper and the excesses of Victorian London at Shakespeare and Co. bookstore in Paris.

‘I still believe in magic!’ – Q+A with Justin Fisher

Ned Waddlesworth leads an ordinary life, until his 13th birthday reveals that his family and the world around him are anything but ordinary. In Ned’s Circus of Marvels and the follow up The Gold Thief, author Justin Fisher takes us on a fabulous adventure featuring a flying circus, evil clowns and an ancient curse. We asked him to tell us more about Ned’s Circus of Marvels…

Franzen, sex and birdwatching – An interview with Nell Zink

The literary phenomenon Nell Zink speaks to Eve Jackson at France 24 about being championed by Jonathan Franzen, becoming famous at 50 and why sex and birdwatching make for the perfect novel. This interview with Nell Zink was filmed whilst she was in Paris for a reading of The Wallcreeper and Mislaid at the legendary Shakespeare and Co bookstore.

‘My youngest reader is 11 and my eldest is 87’ – Q+A with Cathy Glass

When Cathy Glass first started writing her fostering memoirs in 2007 it broke new ground. No one before had dared to write about the hidden sometimes secretive world of fostering and the social services. Since then Cathy’s books have been constantly in the best-seller charts with 24 books published and over 2.9 million copies sold world-wide. Here she discusses her challenging and rewarding career as a foster carer and author.