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Mr. Men and Little Miss Picture Books - Mr Men Little Miss: The Super Silly Day (Mr. Men and Little Miss Picture Books)

By Roger Hargreaves and Adam Hargreaves

Are you ready for a super silly day of tricks, jokes and pranks?!

Mr Mischief and Little Miss Naughty love playing jokes on everyone. They both think they are the best joker in town, so Little Miss Giggles decides to have an April Fools’ Day Competition to find out who can play the best joke of all. But they’re not the only entrants and soon there are jokes being played all over town!

Format: Paperback
Ageband: from 3
Release Date: 29 Feb 2024
Pages: 32
ISBN: 978-0-00-861555-0
Price: £7.99 (Export Price) , £7.99
Adam Hargreaves is the son of Roger Hargreaves who created the Mr. Men and Little Miss series. Adam was the inspiration for the series when, at the age of eight, he asked his father \'What does a tickle look like?\' In response, Roger drew a figure with a round orange body and long, rubbery arms and Mr. Tickle was born. He was soon joined by Mr Greedy, Mr Happy, Mr Nosey, Mr Sneeze and Mr Bump. The books were an instant hit and Roger went on to create many more Mr Men and Little Miss characters. What Roger really wanted was to make children laugh,which is probably why his own favourite character is Mr Silly.

The colourful characters have been delighting children since Mr Tickle first appeared on bookshelves in 1971. The IndependentThe timeless Mr Men books capture modern stereotypes perfectly. The TelegraphThe Mr Men and Little Miss characters remain a cultural phenomenon, whose impact is felt far beyond the nursery bookshelf. The Telegraph -