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Anna O

By Matthew Blake


‘Certain to be one of the year’s best thrillers’ LEE CHILD

‘Reads like a dream but unsettles like a nightmare’ A J FINN


*The instant global phenomenon*

*Publishing in over 30 territories*

*The thriller that will wake up the nation*



Not since the night she was found in a deep sleep by the bodies of her best friends, suspected of a chilling double murder.

For Doctor Benedict Prince, a forensic psychologist on London’s Harley Street, waking Anna O could be career-defining. As an expert in sleep, he knows all about the darkest chambers of the mind; the secrets that lie buried in the subconscious.

As he begins Anna O’s treatment – studying his patient’s dreams, combing her memories, visiting the site where the horrors played out – he pulls on the thread of a much deeper, darker mystery.

Awakening Anna O isn’t the end of the story, it’s just the beginning.


‘The twist is one of the best I’ve read’ DAVID BALDACCI

‘Will keep you turning pages well past your bedtime’ NITA PROSE

‘Extremely entertaining and terribly twisty’ CECELIA AHERN

Format: Trade Paperback
Release Date: 01 Feb 2024, 02 Jan 2024 (Export Date)
Pages: 432
ISBN: 978-0-00-860780-7
Price: £13.99, €None
After discovering that the average person spends thirty-three years of their life asleep, MATTHEW BLAKE felt the pull of a story. He began extensive research into sleep-related crimes and into the mystery illness known as resignation syndrome, research that sparked a thrilling question: if someone commits murder while sleepwalking, are they innocent or guilty? And so his novel Anna O was born.Before writing fiction, Matthew worked as a researcher and speechwriter at the Palace of Westminster. He studied English at Durham University and Merton College, Oxford.

”'An irresistible concept beautifully executed” - LEE CHILD

”'The twist is one of the best I’ve read” - DAVID BALDACCI

”'Will keep you turning pages well past your bedtime” - NITA PROSE

”'The premise is original, the writing stylish, and the payoff unforgettable” - A J FINN

”'Extremely entertaining and terribly twisty” - CECELIA AHERN

”'A natural-born storyteller” - JEFFERY DEAVER

”'Utterly addictive, fiendishly clever” - LUCY CLARKE

”'Incredibly atmospheric” - RAGNAR JONASSON

”'As unsettling as a waking dream” - STIG ABELL

”'WHAT a ride. Everyone needs to read this book” - CRESSIDA MCLAUGHLIN

”'The smartest thriller I’ve read in years” - EMILIA HART

”'A plot that keeps you guessing” - STEPHANIE WROBEL

”'Will compel you to read it in one white-knuckled gulp” - C J COOKE

”'Ingeniously plotted and impossible to put down” - CRESSIDA MCLAUGHLIN