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Bug Buddies - Beetle Power! (Bug Buddies, Book 5)

By Joe Miller

Even bugs can be heroes! Join the Bug Buddies on bug-tastic adventures, as they pit their wits against the dreaded spider Spinner, creepiest of all creepy crawlies…

Spinner’s Wood is full of sticky mud, tall trees and long grass. But most of all, it’s full of bugs!

Meet the Bug Buddies – four best friends called Zap, Buzz, Lurch and Crunch. Their life would be perfect if it weren’t for Spinner, who has eight legs and one mission: to trap the whole wood in his evil web. But even bugs can be heroes…

It’s the final showdown with Spinner – if the wicked spider is defeated he will be banished from the wood forever. But if he wins, Gonzo must leave… This is a battle the Bug Buddies cannot afford to lose!