It Was You! Blue Kangaroo

It Was You! Blue Kangaroo

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32 pages
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Book Overview

Lily and Blue Kangaroo are inseparable. Whatever Lily does, Blue Kangaroo does too. But Lily is not always fair, and when she is naughty it is Blue Kangaroo who gets the blame.

One day Lily is very bad indeed, and Blue Kangaroo is taken away from her and placed on a shelf downstairs until he learns to behave… But will he?

In the middle of the night Blue Kangaroo hops down from the shelf, draws a special picture saying ‘sorry’ and slips it under Lily’s mum’s door. Lily’s Mum wants to know who drew the lovely picture. And Lily whispers, ‘It was you, Blue Kangaroo!’

About the author

Emma studied art at the Royal College of Art . She has worked as a freelancer for magazines, publishers and advertising agencies as well as teaching art for several years, but now dedicates most of her time to children’s books.


  • Praise for the Blue Kangaroo series:
  • ‘Irresistible… brimming with ‘Aaah’ factor.’ Bookseller
  • ‘Blue Kangaroo is a winner.’ T. E. S.
  • ‘Warm, funny and beautifully observed. Any family that hasn’t yet discovered Blue Kangaroo has a treat in store.’ Daily Telegraph
  • Blue Kangaroo is rapidly becoming an all-time classic children’s character. Books For Keeps
  • Praise for It Was You, Blue Kangaroo!:
  • ‘The illustrations are colourful and vivid, with enough detail to engage and hold children’s interest … It Was You Blue Kangaroo was an instant and enthusiastic success [with] my daughter’. Bookbag