Licence to Fish

Licence to Fish

Justin Richards

Pub date
B Format 129x198mm
176 pages
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Book Overview

A hilarious new series for younger readers, following the misadventures of an ordinary boy at an extraordinary school for young spies…

SPUD has set up a secret base under the school pond and is using radio-controlled duck-cameras to gather information. But the chief SPUD agent has made the mistake of having his weekly edition of SPUD’s Nasty Newsletter redirected to his new base – by Alfie’s dad, the local postman! It doesn’t take long for the gang to work out what SPUD are up to.

Can Alfie and his friends find a way of turning the SPUD infiltration to their advantage? Of course they can – and soon the school is teaching the pupils using even more bizarre methods than usual, all for SPUD’s benefit. Will the evil organisation really believe in assassination by daffodil? Or that trained hamsters are used to infiltrate their bases? Of course they will…

About the author

Justin Richards is the author of over a dozen genre and sf novels – including the Dr Who novelisations, his own Invisible Detective series and the Time Runners series. Agent Alfie marks the beginning of his first series for younger readers and heralds the arrival of a major comic talent. He lives in Warwick with his wife, two sons and a nice view of the castle.