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Night of Power: The Betrayal of the Middle East

By Robert Fisk


In this final work from renowned journalist Robert Fisk, he picks up reporting on the Middle East where his internationally bestselling The Great War of Civilisation left off.

An extraordinary chronicle of Fisk’s trademark rigorous journalism, historical analysis and eyewitness reporting. Fully immersed in the Middle East and critical of the West’s ongoing interference, Fisk was committed to uncovering complex and uncomfortable truths that rarely featured on the traditional news agenda.

With a foreword from fellow Middle East correspondent and former colleague Patrick Cockburn, Night of Power delivers an essential and final account from one of the world’s finest journalists, and proves itself timely as ever.

‘Every sentence of Robert Fisk radiates his loathe of wars and the inevitable dehumanization they produce, which makes his (sadly) last book an everlasting warning, beyond its value as a meticulous historical recount and analysis of today’s events’ Amira Hass, journalist, Haaretz

‘Fisk’s reporting is clear-eyed and unflinching, a model for what journalists should aspire to practice in their ever more important and widely threatened craft’ Anthony Arnove, editor, Iraq Under Siege and author, Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal

Format: Hardback
Release Date: 04 Jul 2024
Pages: 672
ISBN: 978-0-00-725548-1
Price: £30.00 (Export Price) , £30.00, €None
The most decorated British foreign correspondent, Robert Fisk was based in the Middle East for thirty years, and his knowledge of the area was unparalleled. He wrote daily for the Independent and was syndicated in Italy (La Repubblica), Spain (El País) and France (Le Monde), amongst others. He was awarded the British International Journalist of the Year award seven times and also received the Amnesty International UK Press Award twice.

”'In his attentive, careful, detailed, historically grounded reporting — and in this remarkable posthumous book, which deserves to be widely read — the voices of people demanding freedom are given space, recognition, and dignity. This is an exemplary and deeply human work of both journalism and history” - Anthony Arnove, author of Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal

”'Even after 20 years, we still don't know the full depths of the strategic bankruptcy and moral depravity of America's illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. Legendary journalist Robert Fisk's Night of Power is essential reading to understand the full extent of the crime that was the Iraq war” - Trita Parsi, Executive Vice President, Quincy Institute

”'Today as conflicts again rage in multiple countries in the Middle East, we need Robert Fisk’s insight more than ever. A good deal of it can be found in the pages of this, his final book. His voice has been sorely missed in the pages of our newspapers and magazines, but even more so, in our world” - Norman Stockwell, publisher of The Progressive

”'Fisk's ability to evoke the Middle East's multifaceted history, delve into the details of its multiple conflicts, and expose the moral depravity and hypocrisy of Western policy towards the region has had few equals … This posthumous volume explains why Fisk’s next column was so eagerly awaited by so many, and why its absence is missed in these grim times” - Mouin Rabbani, co-editor of Jadaliyya

”'I was at the funeral of a friend of mine, in Kilternan cemetery … I came across Robert Fisk’s grave. Someone has to bear witness to the unspeakable, and he did it, whatever the cost to himself. How gracious, I thought, of him to be buried here. He will be missed for a long long time” - Neil Jordan, film director and writer