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Stink: Fairy vs Boy: A Stink Adventure

By Jenny McLachlan

A laugh-out-loud cartoon-filled adventure for 7+ readers, featuring the world’s funniest fairy, from the bestselling author of The Land of Roar. Perfect for fans of Loki, Tom Gates and Wimpy Kid

Ridiculously funny and packed full of cartoons on every page!

Before you read my diary here is some stuff you need to know:

1I’m 11 years old
2I love drawing cartoons
3I have two pet rats called Tony and Noah.
4I also have a FAIRY called Stink . . .

Danny Todd is desperate to be normal and fit in at school so he isn’t happy when he opens a fairy door and a REAL fairy flies out. Stink turns Danny’s life upside down. She hides in his hair, swims in his cereal, rides his rats and accidentally shrinks his best friend.

Danny HAS to get rid of Stink, but she won’t go away until he’s helped her earn gold nuggets to get new wings. Can Danny help Stink do a good deed or is he going to be stuck with his fairy forever?

Format: Paperback
Ageband: 7 to 11
Release Date: 29 Feb 2024
Pages: 240
ISBN: 978-0-00-852427-2
Price: £7.99 (Export Price) , £7.99, €None
Jenny McLachlan is the author of the bestselling Land of Roar series and Dead Good Detectives series, as well as several acclaimed teen novels. Before Jenny became a writer, she was Head of English in a secondary school; she now loves visiting schools as an author and delivering funny and inspiring talks and workshops.When Jenny isn’t thinking about stories or writing stories, she enjoys living by the seaside, cycling and running over the South Downs.

”'A brilliant laugh-out-loud tale of magic spells and naughty fairies!” - Joseph Coelho, Waterstones Children’s Laureate

‘I LOVED this. I was hooked by the hilarious voice from the opening page, and cry-laughed more than once. Utterly brilliant.’Joanna Nadin, bestselling author of The Worst Class in the World series. -

‘So funny, so much fun! I loved it.’Sam Copeland, bestselling author. -

‘It’s brilliant! If I didn’t love STINK as much as I do, I’d be very jealous. But it’s brilliant!’Maz Evans, bestselling author of Who Let the Gods Out series. -

”'A sweet story to share in the magic of together.” - The Independent - 7 Fantasy Books to Get Kids into Reading

”'Sweet fairy nuggets, this smells like a winner! Jenny McLachlan has knocked it out of the park with Stink; genuinely funny, brilliant characters, and a finale so good that I had to stand up & do a little round of applause afterwards. Watch out, this book is monstrously magical.” - Jack Meggitt-Phillips, author of The Beast and the Bethany series

‘Instantly loving this! So much fun but hang on, who knew Jenny McLachlan was such a talented illustrator as well as author? The woman cannot be stopped.’Jo Simmons -