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The Bedtime Boat

By Sital Gorasia Chapman, Illustrated by Anastasia Suvorova

A visually stunning, thoughtful and calming bedtime tale, featuring tried-and-tested mindfulness techniques.

“Watch the boat, Chandan, it floats on the ocean. It rises and falls with your breath’s gentle motion.”

Chandan has had an exciting day out with his mum – but now it’s time for bed, and however hard he tries, he just can’t sleep.

Luckily, his mum has some a calming mindfulness technique at her fingertips. The bedtime boat sits on Chandan’s tummy, rising and falling with his breath. As he travels on a voyage of imagination over the seas, the bedtime boat is always there to keep him grounded, and soon gently lulls him into a relaxed and peaceful sleep.

With stunning illustrations by award-winning illustrator Anastasia Suvorova, this lyrical rhyming picture book is the perfect way to help restless little ones drift off to sleep.

Bring the bedtime boat to life with the origami boat instructions inside the book.

Format: Paperback
Ageband: 3 to 6
Release Date: 20 Jul 2023
Pages: 32
ISBN: 978-0-00-853431-8
Price: £7.99 (Export Price) , £7.99, €None
Sital Gorasia Chapman left a career in banking, trained as a yoga instructor, and then started writing. She studied Writing for Children at the City Lit, and her picture book submission was commended at the FAB awards in 2019. She was recently commissioned to write a poem for the CBeebies children’s television series Colours, which is available on BBC iPlayer. Sital lives in London with her husband and three young daughters.

”'Perfect for bedtime!” - Creative Steps magazine, Autumn 2023 issue

”'Award-winning illustrator Anastasia Suvorova beautifully captures the bedtime voyage with dreamlike illustrations. . . A peaceful and lyrical bedtime book to help soothe little ones to sleep during their bedtime routine.” - Small Wonder Books (@small.wonder.books on Instagram)

”'[A] standout rhyming picture book to calm busy minds and make bedtime more restful for everyone . . . [I] can see this beautiful book swiftly becoming a bedtime classic.” - Cast of Thousands

”'A story that many children will find restful and restorative after a busy day.” - Federation of Children’s Book Groups (FCBG) Blog, Author Q&A.

”'A beautiful, evocative and gentle bedtime story whose words and illustrations soothe and send little ones into peaceful slumbers.” - Armadillo Magazine

”'My 3-yr-old granddaughter grabbed this book from my shelves and insisted I read it to her - always a good sign!” - Barbara Band, YLG and School Library Consultant

”'A stunning and unique book, and the repetition of the boat motif, and rhyming lyrics means it is the perfect book to help little ones sleep.” - Books Before Bedtime

”'The clever mindful techniques that have been seamlessly woven into the book are brilliant . . . We loved that the book included instructions on how to make a paper bedtime boat as well - such a lovely touch!” - Literate Littles

”'With glorious illustrations of Chandan’s voyage towards sleep and a simple chant you can adapt using any child’s name, it will help ease the tensions of bedtime.” - Libraries 4 Schools

”'This gentle, gorgeously illustrated picture book is designed to teach children some mindfulness techniques that will help them fall asleep. I very much like the instructions given to build your own bedtime boat & the calming, rhyming text.” - Bev Humphrey (SLA)