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The Palace: From the Tudors to the Windsors, 500 Years of History at Hampton Court

By Gareth Russell

Hampton Court has housed centuries of power, royals and politicians pacing its halls, each era taking its turn to shape the palace and the broader confluence of politics. Here, the popular and ‘scrupulous historian’ (Daily Mail) Gareth Russell presents five hundred years of British history as seen through its exquisite doorways.

Hampton Court stands apart from all other great British
palaces. In this rich history, Russell tours the great house’s
tumultuous history. Architecturally breath-taking and rich
in splendid art and décor, the Palace has been the stage of
some of the most important events in British history. This is a
story that begins with Cardinal Wolsey and the Reformation,
with Henry VIII and his wives who lived and died within the
palace’s walls. It moves through the challenges of ‘Bloody’
Mary Tudor, the commissioning of King James’s version of the
Bible, the staging of many of Shakespeare’s plays, and Queen
Elizabeth II’s coronation ball.

Fascinating and engaging, The Palace takes us into
every room in the castle, revealing the ups and downs of
royal history and revealing what was at play politically,
socially, and economically at the time.