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The Reappearance of Rachel Price

By Holly Jackson

‘The queen of YA crime Holly Jackson returns with a blisteringly good standalone thriller’ – Observer

‘An instantly gripping, corkscrew-twisty thriller’ – The Guardian

‘Holly Jackson has smashed it again.’ – The Nerd Daily

A stunning new thriller from the bestselling author of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder!

18-year-old Bel has lived her whole life in the shadow of her mom’s mysterious disappearance. Sixteen years ago, Rachel Price vanished and young Bel was the only witness. Rachel is gone, presumed dead.

The case is dragged up from the past when the Price family agree to a true crime documentary. Bel can’t wait for filming to end, for life to go back to normal. But then Rachel Price reappears, and life will never be normal again …

Holly Jackson was ‘BookTok Author of the Year’ at the 2023 TikTok Book Awards.

The Reappearance of Rachel Price was No 1 in the Sunday Times Children’s bestseller listings on Sunday 14/4/2024 and in the New York Times Young Adult Hardcover listings on Wednesday 10/4/2024

Format: Trade Paperback
Ageband: from 14
Release Date: 02 Apr 2024
Pages: 448
ISBN: 978-0-00-861726-4
Price: £9.50 (Export Price) , £10.99, €None
Holly Jackson is the international bestselling author of the YA crime series: A GOOD GIRL\'S GUIDE TO MURDER, which has sold millions of copies and been adapted into a major television show. She is also the author of standalone thrillers Five Survive and The Reappearance of Rachel Price, both New York Times bestsellers. Follow Holly on TikTok @hojax92 and Instagram @hojay92

Praise for Rachel Price: -

”'Holly Jackson returns with a blisteringly good standalone thriller” - - Observer

”'An instantly gripping, corkscrew-twisty thriller” - - The Guardian

”'Holly Jackson has smashed it again. It is a lit fuse that explodes in dramatic fashion, but also always stays focused on the characters at its heart. This is a twisty, ambiguous book that thrives in its entangled relationships, unpicking the secrets hidden within.” - - The Nerd Daily

Praise for Holly Jackson: -

”'Jackson is the queen of young adult novels” - Independent

”'A blisteringly good standalone thriller.” - The Observer on Five Survive, YA Books of the Year, 4/12/2022

”'A thrill ride.” - The Guardian

”'Holly Jackson, the OG of UK YA thriller writers, has written one of her most exciting novels yet. Five Survive, my Book of the Month, is about a group of teens who set off on a trip for spring break; when they find themselves under attack, they must work out who is trying to shoot them” - and why. Set over the course of just a few hours, this taut thriller will keep readers hooked.' - Charlotte Eyre, The Bookseller

The Good Girl’s Guide to Murder trilogy -

‘A taut, compulsively readable, elegantly plotted thriller' - Guardian -

”'Jackson ensnares readers in another highly addictive web, woven from the dark shadows of small-town secrets.” - - The Observer

”'As Good As Dead is a phenomenal mystery that deserves to be one of the books of the year and provides a stellar finale to a knockout series.” - Nerd Daily

'A fiendishly-plotted mystery that kept me guessing until the very end.' - Laura Purcell, bestselling author of The Silent Companions -

'Twisty, compulsive and so, so clever' - Savannah Brown, author of The Truth About Keeping Secrets -