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This Book Could Save Your Life: Breaking the silence around the mental health emergency

By Ben West

‘What’s sort of funny when something horrific happens is that nothing happens to the rest of the world. The cars still drive, the planes still fly…everything just continues. And that’s probably the best gift we have. Because, for the most part, there’s no right or wrong way to do things – life becomes whatever you make it’

This book has been written for you.

In 2018, Ben’s world collapsed around him when he unexpectedly lost his brother to suicide.

In the raw aftermath of this tragedy, Ben found the strength to learn, educate and campaign about mental health. He also wrote this book as a reminder that in despair you can always find hope. It’s packed with advice and practical takeaways.

So read it, remember it and pass it on – it could save your life.

Author: Ben West
Format: Hardback
Release Date: 28 Apr 2022
Pages: 304
ISBN: 978-0-00-850314-7
Price: £14.99 (Export Price) , £14.99
Ben West is one of the most engaged mental health campaigners in the UK, committed to making real change around mental health in our society. At just 20 years old Ben has already won a Pride of Britain Award, The Diana Award and the Mental Health Hero Award as part of the The Sun Who Cares initiative. He has also spokenon ITV News and BBC Newsbeat, among others, about mental health.The sudden and unexpected loss of his brother to suicide three years ago propelled Ben to take positive action from this tragedy and concentrate his pain into a drive to campaigning around mental health awareness, suicide prevention and fundamentally changing how we approach mental health, especially in schools and the education system.This Book Could Save Your Life is his first book.

”'A candid, funny and confronting memoir, this book will strike a chord with anyone who's ever suffered with their mental health - or knows someone that has.” - Laura Whitmore

”'A raw, honest, funny and much-needed voice in the mental health space. Ben West challenges everyone to face some uncomfortable truths in order to make meaningful change.” - Jason Fox