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Values: An Economist’s Guide to Everything That Matters

By Mark Carney


Horrified by the current financial crisis? Want to learn how we might get out of it?

This is a pivotal moment in our economy. With the markets in free-fall, financial challenges are growing for us all. A winter of inflation and spiralling energy costs looms. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As former Governor for the Bank of England Mark Carney said to the BBC: ‘The message from the financial markets is there’s a limit to unfunded spending and unfunded tax cuts in this environment.’

His book is essential reading for today’s economic crisis and provides answers to your questions as well as solutions for the future.

In Value(s), Carney offers a roadmap out of this chaos and towards a better, fairer society. This moment could be an opportunity for change, for overhaul. We cannot go on as we have, something must change. Drawing on a truly international perspective, this book offers a blueprint for how we can channel the dynamism of the market to transform intractable global problems into opportunities. And in so doing build a better world for all.

Read as one of the great global thinkers of our time examines how what we value has become misaligned and how we can rethink and rebuild before it is too late.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 01 Sep 2022
Pages: 608
ISBN: 978-0-00-842119-9
Price: £10.99 (Export Price) , £10.99
Mark Carney is currently the UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance and Prime Minister Johnson’s Finance Adviser for COP26.Mark was previously Governor of the Bank of England (2013 to 2020), and Governor of the Bank of Canada (2008 to 2013).Internationally, Mark was Chair of the Financial Stability Board (2011 to 2018). He chaired the Global Economy Meeting and Economic Consultative Committee of the Bank for International Settlements (2018-2020), and was First Vice-Chair of the European Systemic Risk Board (from 2013-2020). He is a member of the Group of Thirty, the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum, as well as the boards of Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Peterson Institute for International Economics and the Hoffman Institute for Global Business and Society at INSEAD.Mark was born in Canada in 1965. He obtained a bachelor degree in Economics from Harvard and masters and doctorate degrees in Economics from Oxford.

Winner of the Parliamentary Book Award for Best Political Book by a Non-Parliamentarian -

‘This assault on the modern free market is a landmark achievement. It will help arm the best in business, finance and government and disarm the worst’WILL HUTTON, OBSERVER -

‘A remarkably good read’Gillian Tett, FINANCIAL TIMES -

‘A sweeping intellect … This is an important book’EVENING STANDARD -

‘A stimulating read … offering hope that we can build a post-pandemic economy based on solid values’DAILY MAIL -

‘This is an important book, deserving of a wide audience. We know things need to change and that we are in big trouble if we don’t’IRISH TIMES -

‘A radical book that speaks out accessibly as to how we get everyone involved in solving our problems’BONO -

‘Mark Carney’s indispensable new book asks how we can go from knowing the price of everything to understanding its true value … this is the essential handbook for 21st century leaders, policymakers and everyone who wants to build a fair and sustainable world’CHRISTINE LAGARDE -

‘A roadmap to a fairer and more responsible, resilient world … This book is irradiated with the inspiring and critical conviction that money can be transformed into a tool of collective good’ANTONY GORMLEY -

‘A fantastic read for anyone interested in the most pressing issues facing us. The need for a world of profit with better purpose is explained in such a clear and persuasive style. I hope it gets read by many people ‘JIM O’NEILL -

‘Thought-provoking and readable… As societies struggle to rebuild solidarity in the post-Covid world, it will be an essential guide’RAGHU RAJAN -

‘Mark Carney draws on his unique experience of running two central banks to offer original and thought provoking solutions to the world’s biggest challenges - from Covid to climate change’GORDON BROWN -