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Coronation Street - We’ll Meet Again on Coronation Street (Coronation Street, Book 5)

By Maggie Sullivan

A charming and nostalgic read, perfect for fans of Coronation Street and readers who love stories set in wartime.

They’ve waited a long time to be together

After years of war, the residents of Coronation Street are looking forward to saying goodbye to rations books, blackouts and bombs. However, life is slow to change and they are still waiting for the good times to return.

Ida Barlow thought she was happy to have her husband back from the war. Frank can’t understand that his wife has no intention of giving up her new independence to wait on him hand and foot. Wendy Collins, a new arrival to the street, wants a fresh start, but struggles to fit in to her teaching job at the local school.

Elsie Tanner’s latest fella has put a spring in her step. She thinks the rest of the street need a pick-me-up too, and they are soon planning a trip to Blackpool. The folk of Coronation Street have waited a long time to let their hair down ― will sticks of rock and kiss-me-quick hats be enough to bring them all together again?