A new range of digital assets is now available to download for Where the Grass is Green by Lauren Weisberger.

Perfect lives. Perfect lies… This is the brand new novel from the global bestselling author of The Devil Wears Prada.

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One little lie. That was all it took. Will any of them survive the truth?

Peyton Marcus is the woman New York wakes up to, anchor of the most-watched morning show in the city. With a husband who adores her and a daughter who’s headed to one of the best Ivy League schools, Peyton Marcus is that woman, and she’s damn good at it…

Skye, her sister, is a stay-at-home mom in Paradise, the idyllic NY suburb that’s home to designer boutiques and people who fly private. She has a knack for helicopter-parenting with the best of them. But she’s not like them. She’s looking for something real and it’s within touching distance…

Max, Peyton’s bright and quirky seventeen-year-old daughter, is poised to kiss the fancy private school she hates goodbye – and all of its spoiled rich kids – and head off to pursue her dreams in film. She’s waited her entire life for this opportunity. But suddenly the grass isn’t looking so green…