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Warriors: The New Prophecy - MIDNIGHT (Warriors: The New Prophecy, Book 1)

By Erin Hunter

In the exciting second Warriors story arc, the wild cats of the forest have lived in peace and harmony for many moons – but new prophecies from their warrior ancestors speak of a mysterious destiny and grave danger for the clans. Now the time has come for a new generation of heroes to arise, as the quest to save the warrior cats begins…

Darkness, air, water, and sky will come together and shake the forest to its roots…

The wild cats of the forest have lived in peace and harmony for many moons – but a doom that will change everything is coming. Strange messages from their warrior ancestors speak of terrifying new prophecies, danger, and a mysterious destiny.

All the signs point to young warrior Brambleclaw as the cat with the fate of the forest in his paws. But why would the son of wicked cat Tigerstar be chosen to be a hero? And who are the other cats mentioned in the prophecy? All Brambleclaw knows for sure is that the strength and courage of the greatest warriors will be needed now, as the quest to save the Clans begins…

Format: Paperback
Ageband: from 8
Release Date: 28 Apr 2011
Pages: 320
ISBN: 978-0-00-741922-7
Price: £7.99 (Export Price) , £7.99
Erin Hunter is actually three people! She is experienced children\'s book writers Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry and Victoria Holmes who all live in the UK. Vicky comes up with the story ideas and makes sure the books stay consistent and Kate and Cherith take it in turns to write the books. They came up with the single name, Erin Hunter, to avoid confusing their readers by having books from the same series in different places on the bookshelf.

Praise for Warriors: -

'Brilliantly written by someone who knows what children like to read. Inspired.' The Gateway -

'Another fabulous book in the excellent series… plenty of twists and turns. Any 9 to13 year old should have these books!' Kidaround -

”'Certain to please any young reader who has ever wondered what dreams of grandeur may haunt the family cat.” - Publishers Weekly

”'Warriors: Into The Wild is the best book I've read in ages. It's really exciting… Even better than Brian Jaques” - Redwall. I can't wait for the next one!' John Wood (age 12)

”'Characters remain true to their feline natures, adding to the plausibility of events in this tension-filled story. Readers will be happy to learn that another episode is in the works.” - Booklist

”'Another dynamic episode sure to please series fans.” - Booklist